“Solving design challenges is my job



making spaces look good and feel good is my responsibility as a designer”

“Being creative is my Job

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As Principal & Director of Design , Mona Stephen owns and operates M One Design Group. M One Design Group is a full service design firm with over 10 years of experience in residential commercial and hospitality.  She has designed over 100 model homes throughout the southeastern region to include production homes, apartment homes, custom homes, and high rises. Mona has also participated in many interior design special projects and attributes her success in the interior design industry to true passion and opportunities. Her creative energy and business acumen has allowed her the ability to pull together a dynamic team and create unforgettable spaces.  She’s designed unforgettable commercial and residential spaces for A List celebrities.

Mona’s innovative work has been shown on major television networks as features for new home sales commercials, magazine publications such as Atlanta Home Improvement, Traditional Homes Magazine, Blue Print, Atlanta Journal & Constitution, Today’s Custom Homes, and Communities New Home Directory. Special projects have included Street of Dreams Home Shows, Ted Turner’s Montana Grill’s Corporate offices, the Herndon Home Mansion Special Project, MUST Ministries Million Dollar home show (Featuring Donny Brook Homes), and World Wide Press Releases for The Home Depot EXPO Design Center special commercial projects on visual design to name a few.

M One Design Group led by Mona Stephen has partnered with the Sojourn Hotels brand to create interior visual excitement to each property with the launch project in Miami Florida scheduled to open early spring 2018.

Mona is on tour speaking about how people can maximize their space and create a WOW factor with simple but BOLD tricks of the trade. Mona believes everyone should look good, live good & feel good…in their space.